A Guide to Car Warranties

Car Warranties

A car warranty is an offer made by a car manufacturer or a dealer to fix any defects or faults found in a car at no cost to the car owner. Car warranties can vary by manufacturer or provider, but most basic car warranties are good for around three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is important to understand exactly what your warranty includes and covers. You should also keep in mind that there may be times when it would benefit you to get additional coverage in the form of a vehicle service contract.

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What Car Warranties Typically Cover

There are different types of car warranties offered by manufacturers and dealers, and it is important to understand exactly what your warranty coverage is, as well as its limits and restrictions. For example, what is usually not covered in car warranties are components that regularly wear out or parts that often need to be replaced such as oil, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, brake pads, wiper blades, and tires.

Some of the most common types of car warranties that your auto manufacturer or dealer will offer include:

  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty: These are the most common type of car warranties out there. As its name implies, these warranties cover everything from the front bumper to the back bumper of your car. This coverage also shoulders the cost for manufacturing defects and workmanship.
  • Power train warranty: This provides coverage for the car’s engine, transmission, driveshaft, and any other component that provides power to the wheel.
  • Roadside assistance: This type of warranty includes coverage for the cost of towing, tire replacement, and other similar services if the car breaks down in the middle of the road.
  • Rust-through warranty. These types of car warranties cover the cost of corrosion of the sheet metal parts of a car.
  • Emissions warranty: This coverage is a federal requirement for car manufacturers requiring them to cover repairs done for defects that prevent a car from meeting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Tips to Avoid Issues with Car Warranties

Guide to Car Warranties

In addition to knowing what your car warranty covers, you should also make sure you understand what your requirements are to make sure that your warranty stays in effect. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth, fuss-free warranty claim transaction:

  • Be informed. You need to know your car warranty’s coverage and its start date. Read the warranty section of your car’s manual thoroughly so you are aware of your rights as a car owner before you have a problem.
  • Service your car regularly. In most cases, it is required that you perform all of your car manufacturer’s recommended maintenance as scheduled in order to prevent problems when filing a claim for your car warranty.
  • Keep all service receipts. These will serve as proof that you have done your part in maintaining your vehicle.
  • Use proper fluids. Ensure that you are using the proper engine oil, coolant, brake, and transmission fluids that are recommended by your car manufacturer.
  • Do not abuse. Avoid overloading your car or using your car in a race competition. Anything that is outside of a car’s normal operation can be considered as misuse or abuse and void car warranties.

Need More Additional Coverage & Vehicle Protection?

If you need enhanced protection for repairs that are not covered by your car warranties, or if your existing warranty is about to expire, you can sign up for one of our automotive service plans. To get the most out of a vehicle protection plan, please contact us today at 800-293-5048 to receive a free quote!

Extended Auto Warranty Myths Uncovered

If you have ever come across the term “extended auto warranty”, then you know there are many different types, kinds, and coverages that can come with a contract. Unfortunately, there are many myths as well, and this can lead to a lot of misinformation about what types of services and coverages are included.

Extended Auto Warranty Myths

If you have found it difficult to wade through what the truth is and what the myths are, then this article is here to help you understand some of the most common extended auto warranty myths to help you better separate the truth from fiction.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about extended vehicle service contracts available from American Automotive Service Solutions, give our vehicle service contract professionals a call today at 800-293-5048.

Extended Auto Warranties: Myths, Lies, and Misinformation

Unfortunately there are many myths that surround the extended auto warranty sector. A lot of times, this is because someone did not fully understand a contract or they were misinformed by someone else and the cycle kept going.

Myths about extended auto warranties are inaccurate and generally do not contain all of the facts. Below, we will discuss some of the most commonly heard and told myths to help you become more informed and educated when shopping.

Myth 1: A vehicle service contract is an extended auto warranty.
The first and most basic fact is to understand that a vehicle service contract is not an extended auto warranty. While vehicle service contracts used to inaccurately be called extended auto warranties, an extended auto warranty must come from the auto manufacture themselves, not a third party provider. Vehicle service contracts come from third party providers and are basically a contract that states that the provider will pay for certain and specific vehicle repairs as mentioned in the terms of the contract. Vehicle service contracts, when properly understood, can be a great tool in helping you save on auto repairs.

Extended Auto Warranty Information

Myth 2: There are no differences between each extended vehicle service contract, so choose a cheap one
Choosing the cheapest vehicle protection plan may not be the best strategy for you. There are many different types of extended auto warranties and vehicle service contracts available and each one is priced differently. Some of them are better than the next and some may offer more services or coverage than you require.

When it comes time to choose a protection plan for your vehicle, make sure you look over the options AND prices. You should choose one that meets your needs and includes everything you want it to. At American Automotive Service Solutions, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they understand exactly what is included in each vehicle service contract and what they are paying for.

Myth 3: A vehicle protection plan means I never have to care for my vehicle
While we all may wish this was true, your vehicle still needs to be maintained even if you have a vehicle service contract in place. If you want your car or truck to last for many years, you need to make sure you have routine maintenance performed on the vehicle and that you take your car in for repairs the moment you notice something is awry.

Myth 4: Only vehicle dealers can sell you a vehicle service contract
This is inaccurate. In fact, you do not have to purchase a vehicle service contract from a dealer specifically and you can go through any third party. When it comes time to discuss extending the coverage of your automobile, take time to explore a variety of options and inspect each plan to ensure it will meet your needs over time. You should also protect yourself from auto warranty scams by buying from a reliable provider you can trust.

Call Today to Purchase a Vehicle Service Contract

If you are looking to protect your vehicle and avoid costly vehicle repair bills, contact American Automotive Service Solutions at 800-293-5048. We can help you uncover many false extended auto warranty myths and go over all of your options to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle service contract. Contact us online or by phone for your FREE vehicle protection plan quote.

Protect Yourself from Auto Warranty Scams

Detecting Auto Warranty Scams

While vehicle service contracts can be a beneficial and wise investment to protect you from unexpected auto repair costs, some companies aggressively offer an auto warranty without fully explaining what is covered. Others go as far as to misrepresent the contract and what is covered. In these cases, the buyer often ends up financially hurt by such transactions.

To learn more about vehicle service contracts and what you can to do ensure that you make a smart financial decision, contact us at 800-293-5048 or use our online form to learn more about how a typical auto warranty compares to our vehicle protection plans.

Auto Warranty Scams: Be Informed and Skeptical

Reputable companies exist in the extended auto warranty field. Unfortunately, people are sometimes taken in by an offer that comes in the mail or by a phone call. On the phone call, the seller may be aggressive or talk very quickly, not giving the potential buyer time to ask questions or think the process out. It is in these cases that buyers need to protect themselves from aggressive auto warranty companies.

Auto Warranty Companies to Avoid

While most auto warranty providers rarely, if ever, represent a specific car dealer or a manufacturer, they may state this in a letter or during a phone call. Watch for these phrases, and others that are included in mailed letters and then never mentioned in the sales process:

  • Vehicle Recall
  • Vehicle Notification
  • Notice of Interruption

These and other phrases using the words auto warranty, final, interrupted service, etc. are generally a good indication that there is more to the story. While companies may represent their product or service as an extended auto warranty. What they are really offering is a vehicle service contract for which you pay a fee to receive certain coverages. Auto warranties are offered by a vehicle manufacturer or an authorized dealer only, not a third party.

What is an Auto Warranty

Additionally, these shady “auto warranty” companies may conduct deceitful business practices, such as collecting money from a number of people only to go out of business in a short time, leaving the purchaser with little or no recourse. Even more, some of these companies have no intention of ever providing any vehicle service agreement or contract. They instead use your personal information to commit other fraud. Avoid giving these companies financial information or money up front without doing your research to know who you are dealing with.

Protect Yourself When Buying an Auto Service Contract

In order to protect yourself when purchasing a vehicle service contract, do your research to find out if the company you are working with is reputable and trustworthy. Know the details about the vehicle service agreement (which is not an auto warranty), especially who will pay for repairs or other service. Many service contracts may be handled by a third-party administrator, make sure you know who this administrator is and ensure that they are backed by reliable sources.

Additionally, some states require that the service contract is underwritten (backed) by an insurance company. You can find information about these insurance companies by contacting the insurance commission in your state. The company behind any vehicle service contract should have adequate financial reserves, should offer services at a reasonable price, and be in good standing with the state commission.

At American Automotive Service Solutions, we believe in helping customers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing vehicle service contracts. We do not use shady or dishonest practices seen with some auto warranty providers. Call us at 800-293-5048 to learn more about our vehicle protection plans and if they are the right choice for you.