Vehicle Service Agreement Privacy Policy

Vehicle Service Agreements

At American Automotive Service Solutions, we believe deeply in excellent customer service. That belief goes hand-in-hand with a strong privacy policy. Whenever you contact or work with us, even if you do not have a vehicle service agreement with our company, we will abide by the following policy. Call us today if you have any questions about a vehicle protection plan or our vehicle service agreement privacy policy.

Vehicle Service Agreements & Security of Information

Some personal information is required to properly quote and purchase a vehicle service agreement. That information may include VINs and contact information, and all of it is held in the strictest confidence.

All information pertaining to a vehicle service agreement or services rendered by American Automotive Service Solutions is confidential. No information that identifies you personally will be shared with any third party for any reason unless required by law or court order.

All data passing through the website or through a computer system owned or operated by AASS is secure and restricted. Only authorized employees can view this data and only in the performance of work duties, and only from designated encrypted connections or terminals. All personal data is regarded as “need to know” and is only accessible by the approved employees.

American Automotive Service Solutions does not market vehicle service agreement or other vehicle protection service to children. We never knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of thirteen, and will never store or transmit any information about children.

Vechile Service Agreements & Vehicle Protection Plans

Unless you provide us the explicit authority to do so, we will use the information found in your vehicle service agreement for the exact purpose you have provided it for. It will only be viewed by carefully screened employees who have a need to access your file for work or service related purposes. All personal data is stored in secure servers, which require the authentication of both a password and a unique ID number. Each time data is accessed, viewed, or changed, the identity of the person making the change is logged along with the date and exact time.

You can correct any discrepancies in your personal information or vehicle service agreement by sending us an email with the subject line, “Update” and we will make changes to the secure server based on the corrections you specify in the email. All updates are made only by privileged staff members who hold the authority to securely view personal information. These changes are not made by anyone else in the company.

Contact Us About our Vehicle Service Agreement Privacy Policy

Saving our customers from car repair costs with a vehicle protection agreement is only the first step to our customer service. The most important is protecting the personal information that you trust us with in order to provide the necessary service to keep you on the road. Call us today if you have any questions about the privacy of your information or vehicle protection plan.

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