What Makes Us Different from Extended Car Warranty Companies

Extended Car Warranty Companies

It is the goal of everyone at American Automotive Service Solutions to erase your past experiences with extended service contract companies. No phony solicitations in the mail and no smoke and mirrors, just customer service and the options and prices you need to save on car repair costs. Extended car warranty companies are a thing of the past thanks to the vehicle service contracts from American Automotive Service Solutions. Contact us today to get a quote on a vehicle protection plan that will give you peace of mind and the protection you desire.

Extended Car Warranty Companies Cannot Compare

One of the first differences between AASS and extended car warranty companies is that we hold certifications and memberships in business organizations that few other companies have. We are members of the Vehicle Protection Association (the VPA) this gives us access to resources and information that is not available to non-member companies. It also provides the assurance to our customers that our vehicle service contracts are backed by an entire organization of industry leaders.

Additionally we work with some of the best extended service contract administrators in the country. Extended car warranty companies sometimes provide service from their own resources, leaving you stranded when you need to file a claim, but we have the strength of top three nationally operated and prudently invested administrators to protect your vehicle. We work with AAS, Marathon, and Marathon. These companies all have ratings of A or greater from the Better Business Bureau, and have the same outstanding dedication to customer service that American Automotive Service Solutions offers.

Extended Car Warranty Company for Auto Service Contracts

Extended car warranty companies will try to convince you that they can actually extend the dealer warranty on your car, but they cannot. Only companies like AAS, Marathon, and Marathon can provide the protection you need often with greater service than your manufacturer’s warranty. These vehicle service contracts are backed my national corporations with your interest and protection at the forefront.

Remember, no one can legally extend your factory warranty. No matter what you hear from extended car warranty companies, it simply is not true. However, a VPA member can provide a vehicle service contract that offers the coverage you are missing when your factory warranty expires, but it is important to note this contract is not a warranty. At AASS, our vehicle protection contracts are more than a warranty. They stand for service, dedication, trust, and savings.

Learn More About Our Extended Auto Service Contract Company

Contact us today to learn more about the difference between a VPA member and extended car warranty companies. We can help you to understand how a vehicle protection plan from AASS can provide you protection from auto repair bills as well as roadside assistance and other benefits to give you peace of mind that you are protected on the road.

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American Automotive Service Solutions is different than your typical auto warranty company. We are focused on a positive customer experience and long term satisfaction over the life of your vehicle service contract. Contact us today to get a quote on a vehicle protection plan that will give you peace of mind and the protection you desire.

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