Marathon Vehicle Protection Plan Options

Marathon Vehicle Protection Plan Options

American Automotive Service Solutions teams up Marathon in our continuing effort to provide the best vehicle protection coverage and vehicle service contracts to our customers. Marathon (AAS) has been in the auto warranty business since 2002 and has established itself as one of the leading service providers in the field of automobile protection.

American Automotive Service Solutions is one of the most respected extended vehicle protection companies with the most comprehensive list of vehicle service contracts available. Contact us today to learn more about AAS vehicle protection plan options.

Why Choose Secure Vehicle Protection from Marathon

Marathon is committed to providing its customers with the best claims service and top-of-the-line vehicle protection. The company’s aftermarket products and vehicle protection coverage are specifically designed to meet every customer’s needs. As a testament to its service excellence, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Marathon with an A+ rating as an accredited member.

The plans offered by AAS through American Automotive Service Solutions include:

  • Marathon Diamond
  • Marathon Deluxe
  • Marathon Powertrain Gold

1. Marathon Diamond

The Diamond vehicle protection plan from Marathon is the flagship coverage of the company which includes the following:

  • The highest level and most extensive coverage available
  • Financially secure and insured protection
  • Coverage for vehicles up to 9 model years and 90,000 miles
  • Seals, sealing boots, and gaskets covered on all plans
  • Add on terms available

Unless specified as “not covered” in the service contract terms, all parts and components of the insured vehicles are covered.

2. Marathon Deluxe

When you choose the Deluxe vehicle protection plan from AAS, you are assured of getting:

  • Downsized named component coverage
  • Financially secure and insured protection
  • Coverage for vehicles up to 20 model years and 135,000 miles
  • Coverage includes: Engine, Transmission, Cooling System, Transfer Unit (4x4), Drive Axle, Electrical, Steering, Air Conditioning, Suspension, Brakes, Electronic Hi-Tech, Turbo Charger, Seals, Sealing Boots, and Gaskets (some restrictions apply)

3. Marathon Powertrain Gold

The Powertrain Gold vehicle protection plan from AAS is the most basic of the AAS plans and the most affordable. This option provides customers with:

AAS Vehicle Protection Plan Options

  • Powertrain + Expanded coverage
  • Financially secure and insured protection
  • Coverage for vehicles up to 25 model years and 175,000 miles
  • Expanded coverage includes: Engine, Transmission, Cooling System, Transfer Unit (4x4), Drive Axle, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Fuel System, Seals and Gaskets
  • Seals and gaskets covered in conjunction with the repair or replacement of a covered part. Leaking seals and gaskets as "stand alone" repairs are not covered.

Additionally, Marathon provides roadside assistance coverage regardless of the plan you choose.

Marathon’s Vehicle Protection Claims Process

The claims process of AAS is second to none. Simply ask your repair facility personnel to call the AAS’ dedicated number for claims at (800) 531 1925 and their claims specialist will handle your inquiry. You can always expect excellent service when you call the claims department as the company believes in handling all claims internally.

Learn More About Marathon Vehicle Protection Plans

It is time to quit worrying about the high costs of vehicle repair and difficult process of getting your vehicle repaired. American Automotive Service Solution’s partnership with Marathon provides you with the best vehicle protection plan options that will leave you driving worry-free. Contact us today to learn more about vehicle protection plans available from Marathon.

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