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Vehicle Service Contracts & Protection Plans

Welcome to the future of vehicle protection. What were once called “extended car warranties” now have the more apt title of vehicle service contracts. Warranties are only provided by new car manufacturers and are limited in scope. Vehicle service contracts are provided by prudently invested insurance companies that are looking out for your wallet, and can be configured to meet your specific goals and needs. At American Automotive Service Solutions, we work with top administrators to bring you some of the best vehicle protection plan options. We have been helping people avoid the high costs of vehicle repairs since 2008, and we can help you determine which plan is best for your needs.

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What Are Vehicle Service Contracts?

Vehicle service contracts are not an extension of any manufacturer’s warranty. If anything, they are an improvement upon them. These contracts are designed to act similar to insurance for the components of your car. You are required by most states to have insurance for yourself and others on the road, but what about the insurance for your vehicle? You have heard it before, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to,” and with modern manufacturing techniques getting faster and lighter, it is just a matter of time before something breaks down. Regular motor vehicle insurance cannot do anything for breakdowns; it only covers acts of you, other drivers, and in some cases nature.

Vehicle service contracts ensure that your car works, simple as that. A small monthly installment protects you against bearing the full cost of covered auto repairs, and plans can be tailored for your needs. For example, an older car may only need basic drive train protection, a daily driver might require protection of the air conditioning and suspension, or a custom car may require protection for aftermarket electronics. There is a vehicle protection plan to fit these needs and all those in between.

Additional Protections Offered with Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Protection Plans & Service Contracts

Motor vehicle breakdowns interrupt more than your bank account. If you are on vacation, what does it mean for your family if the car breaks down? Cancelled beach time, less time with relatives, missed reservations - are you prepared to handle these? Many vehicle service contracts from select providers will actually provide compensation for trip interruption due to mechanical failure. Similarly, many plans offer roadside assistance services to protect you and your family if breakdowns happen on the road.

Understanding the Costs of Vehicle Service Contracts

It may seem difficult to understand how spending money every month is actually saving money, but it is really quite simple. When you consider that vehicle service contracts can be written to meet any budget, but that most automotive repairs involving the engine cost over $1,000 it starts to make sense. Not only that, but these protection plans come with the guarantee that someone is on your side and in your corner when something goes wrong.

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Vehicle Service Contracts & Vehicle Protection Plans

American Automotive Service Solutions is different than your typical auto warranty company. We are focused on a positive customer experience and long term satisfaction over the life of your vehicle service contract. Contact us today to get a quote on a vehicle protection plan that will give you peace of mind and the protection you desire.

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